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Updated: Apr 13

So, you want to make some music? Well, there are many routes to get there. You can use the pre-programmed items on your smart phone, use a desktop computer or laptop with standard music production software, or if you have the budget available, invest in high end products like professional sound equipment.

Why You Need a Decent Recording Studio

So you have been playing the guitar for some time and finally have enough money to get a decent recording studio to record your music. You go over to Guitar Center and talk to the salesman about what packages they offer. He informs you that with this package, theirs is more full-featured than others but costs a whole lot more. What are you paying for exactly?

How to Get Yourself a Complete Home Recording Rig

Buying all of these music production tools might be a little expensive, but it'll save you money in the long run. You don't have to worry about whether or not the studio has enough room for your equipment because you can set up your rig at home and take it with you when you go on tour. This will save thousands in transportation and is an intelligent, frugal decision.

Steps for Better Mixing and Mastering

Even though it is not easy to make a song, it is harder to make a better mix and master. To achieve this, patience and skill are required. A song does not need to be perfect as long as the start is beautiful enough for the listener. The goal of success when mastering a recording is to create pleasant sound that will last longer, even on bad equipment. Start by creating rough mix then tweak levels, apply filters and EQ, add dynamic control and reduce hiss or crackle sound at a lower volume which can limit the focal point of your instruments while increasing their power or presence when they are being played. Apart from finishing your first draft of mixing, you must work on the idea of bringing out low-end frequencies so that they don't disappear in noisy environments.

What Music Production Tools Do I Need?

If you're just starting out, try purchasing inexpensive equipment and see where your creativity takes you. Some of the basic stuff you'll end up needing are a digital multi-track recorder, microphones, speakers, and headphones. Music production is an art that takes practice and experience to master. You could also get an electronic drum kit to work on beats or percussions if you want an accompaniment. Alternatively, since analog recording is still available today, it's possible to purchase a reel-to-reel tape machine for those who prefer this niche form of making music.

My Top Picks for Music Gear

1. Boss DR-202 Drum Machine (Akai, is of course- industry standard but...) 2. Fender Roamer Deluxe electric guitar 3. Casio CZ-1000 Digital Piano 4. Behringer Ultragain AU300 analog/digital converter 5. Hubsch MIDI pedals for guitars 6. Unison Synth Pack 8. Spitfire Ensemble

How to Understand Frequency and Wavelength

If this is the first time you are reading about frequency and wavelength, don't worry, I did a little research for you! These are two areas of human-made sound that, if understood correctly, magic can happen. Basically all sound can be calculated what frequency it has, low or high. Well creating these sounds at different frequencies will then produce pitches and so on. The wavelength is related to the distance between one like to the next in specific things like waves - feel free to Google this more- but know it's the length of distance of 1 cycle of something (lowest possible) and does not include those pesky fractions with smaller numbers mixed in!


Whether you're a music producer on the go or just a beat-maker in your basement, there's no better time to invest in high-quality software!

Written by Jaye Sanders - HardSleeper Music

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